Stella Media offers reliable, personal, exclusive management services. We strategically develop our clients careers, creating presenting and writing opportunities, brand partnerships and other projects for TV, radio, print and digital media.

Working with brands, venues and private companies Stella Media produces bespoke live events across the UK including literary salons, launch parties, press conferences, panel sessions, branded events, corporate speaking engagements, premieres, workshops and mentoring sessions. Creating content for events and online we work with a wide range of companies including the Savoy, BAFTA, Walt Disney Film Studios, Corney & Barrow and Sparkle Arts.


Kirsty Milner

Kirsty Milner has worked in the media industry for over 20 years where she developed and managed celebrities, broadcasters, journalists and experts. Kirsty works closely with talent to progress their careers in TV, radio, print and digital media, devising long-term pro-active strategies for their development.

Kirsty is an experienced event and content producer creating and managing bespoke events, masterclasses, session panels and workshops. Working with brands, venues and institutions at festivals, industry and private events.


Beth Barker

Beth is an experienced Production Coordinator. Having worked at Sky UK for over 6 years across live events and studio shows, she now brings her extensive knowledge and talent to Stella Media, working across all projects and clients.